Sheila ‘She She’ Cozzens, 2004-2013


Sheila "She She' Cozzens
December 18, 2004 - January 10, 2013

You are and always will be my good girl. So brave, so strong, so loving. You were my protector, my companion, by best friend, you were my good girl. Since the first day we met in the shelter and I placed your collar around your neck, you and I knew that we would be together always. You have given me the most wonderful six years of my life. God has really blessed me by putting you in my life. Although I rescued you, you indeed rescued me. You were and still are a great teacher to me and have taught me so many things. You will always and forever be in my heart. I know that one day, we will be together again. Without pain, sickness, unhappiness, hunger, or sadness. From that point on, we will never be apart again, always together. I know that you'll be waiting for me at the pearly gates. I love you more than words can describe She She.

Forever in my Heart,