Shorty and Ellen

I lost two of my pets 2 days apart. Shorty I rescued in 2012 she was only 26 lbs and was in very bad shaped lived up tied on a wire as part of it was embedded in her neck. She went through so much with me the past 6 years. She became a ICON for my rescue Apollo Support & Rescue and was part of our slogan "Big and Small we love them all" . Which leads me to to Ellen, the small one... She cam from the shelter and was so small and sick and was at the rescue center, one day I said I am taking her home and my staff teased me because I was the pitbull lover... I joked and said this is not a Chihuahua this is a pocket pit. She was diagnosed with Congested heart failure but I had her over a year and she lived so happy running my big pack of pitties. I am blessed to have had her over a year and she was my sweet girl. My heart aches. They are truly missed.