I got spooky as a present when I was two years old and she lived for 17 years. She was such a special cat, always grumpy, but at the end of the day she was very sweet. She wasnt sweet with just anybody though which made me feel a bit special since she was with me. She would sit in my lap and purr for hours until I had to get up. She was like a sister to me. One thing I wont forget about her is how much she hated her cute little paws to be touched. I dont know what made me do it but a few days before she died, I touched her paw, and instead of getting mad at me for it she grabbed my finger back and pulled it close to her. I'll have this memory for the rest of my life along with all the great memories of my spooky. I love her so much and I'll think about her every day! 10/31/01 - 12/31/18