2014 - 2022

My dear Stryder, you were trained as a guard/working dog. That was the only life you knew. When you came to the kennels last year, you were hopeful at first that your life would change for the better. But as the days turned to weeks then to months, you became very kennel stressed. I saw in you a change in spirit that what was once hopeful was now hopeless. I do admit I was afraid of you because you barked viciously at me when I passed by. I should have known that you were so stressed out by the other dogs that you had to appear aggressive to the other dogs. I feel so bad Stryder that you died suddenly and alone on a kennel's concrete floor instead of in a house surrounded by those who loved you. I am sorry Stryder that I was not there with you when you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. You will always be in my heart Stryder!