Our dear Suky,
We had no idea how you would change our lives when we first brought you home.
Your spirit, your loving nature, your beautiful white fur and your big round puppy eyes reach right into our hearts. Thank you Suky, for giving us 14 yrs. of love, happiness and companionship.
It’s incredible that you being so tiny, you left such a big empty feeling in our hearts and home. The day you left, you took a piece of us with you.
Saying goodbye to you wasn’t easy, but rest easy- because you were the greatest fur baby anybody could ever have, and your work here on earth is done.
We will love and think of you forever. And someday you will look over the Rainbow Bridge and see us coming, than we will never be apart again!!!!!

We miss you Suky...
07/12/2003 - 10/02/2017