Oh my precious. Baby we miss you so much you have been the smile on our faces for so many years you gave us so much joy even later in life when you were unable to walk you would scoot to be with me your daddy loved sharing his ice cream and chocolate milk with you I miss picking you up and putting you to bed beside me I miss you drinking water until uou burp so loud making us laugh we were so extremely lucky to have had you in our life for 14 years and 6 months. I know you can walk now and I know you are with your dear hubby shorty and precious Baby girl boo I love you so much and your soul is still in the place that was your loving home I wish I still had you but baby girl your journey has ended here for now I will see you again my queen princess I'm glad I was to be with you until the very end good nite my thumper sleep in heavenly peace until I see you again I love you my little baby Thumper I love you so much thank you dear Jesus for letting her stay with me as long as she did. I just hear the words of the song one more day.wishing one more day with you I love you sweet baby Thumper daddy loves you too your journey is complete hugs and kisses my dear Angel