Aug 06 2012

2004-2012 - I will never forget the day that I met you. You were at the shelter with your brothers and sisters. I walked up to your cage and as I opened it, you jumped out and landed on my shoulder, and started to lick my ear. I knew you had picked me to be your mom.
I brought you home and we took care of each other until the day that the cancer took you from me.

My bed hog...
My TV buddy...
You had the loudest purr and the most manly mew in the world!

You were strong and handsome and magical. You had the soulful eyes of an old man.

To my forever cat, Tie, that taught me about cat magic. The stars and the universe are a little brighter with the light of your sweet soul. Gracie and I will always love you, and miss you every single day.

My sweet boy.....