2007 - 2022

Oh how we miss you our sweet little Tipsy. You have been the greatest kitty anyone could ask for. You have been there through it all to see our little family grow to what it is today. Thank you for giving us memories in our home together as a family, it WON'T be the same without you. We will never forget the love, laughter and the purrrs you gave us to make our days just a little brighter. You will always have special place in our hearts and your memory will live on. We will miss the nights when you would kick in the door in the middle of the night meowing up a storm just to cuddle in our bed up next to us, or the mess you'd make in and around your bowl like a TORNADO had just hit, or how you'd always be there to see us get ready for work and greet us with purrrs when we get home. Your love was UNCONDITIONAL and your loyalty had no end. Thank you dear friend may you rest in peace until we meet again. - Desales family