Tita “Gordita”

2002 - 2016

Tita "Gordita"
January 25, 2002 - January 25, 2016
Chihuahua Mix

Lovable, Adorable, Smart, Silly, Berrinchuda, Sweet, Caring, Loyal

Special Memory
Tita was the family dog 15 years she was with us and everyone in the family loved her. She loved getting spoiled and smothered by everyone she loved being around babies. Our special girl was there for everyone one on their bad days all she wanted was some love back and of course a little bite of your food when you were eating she was a very very happy energetic happy playful dog until recently that's how we knew it was her time to go. We will all miss her so so much and we would like for everyone to remember her for who she was. She was a perfect dog, the best first pet any little girl could've asked for, I and my sisters were those lucky little girls. We love her so much and not a day will go by when she will not be missed. We love you Tita and until we meet again my little girl.