• Toaster •

Toaster was our big, sweet handsome orange and white kitty. We found him when he was just a tiny kitten outside of a 711 convenience store. He was hiding underneath a car, all alone and scared. We took him home with us in my purse and he fell asleep on the way:) We then gave him a bath, as he was covered in gasoline and other goo from living in the streets.We raised him in our apartment along with our dogs We later found another kitten, who we still call "Baby Kitty" who became Toaster's best buddy and surrogate son.They had lots of fun together and played all kinds of kitty games. Sometimes,Toaster would even carry Baby Kitty around by the scruff and give him baths, just like a mommy cat would. He always took good care of Baby Kitty and kept him out of trouble. Baby Kitty (who was still just a kitten at the time) was sad and confused when one day, out of the blue, his friend Toaster became very lethargic and was feeling too sick to run and play games with him. We thought Toaster just had a bit of a "bug" and would be feeling better soon, but our poor kitty faded very fast. On Toaster's last night, he slept on my chest for most of the night. He passed away the next day, all tucked in on our bed. We were devastated. We still miss our great big handsome Toaster kitty very much and we think of him all the time. He was a sweet, handsome (loud:P) kitty cat. He loved playing with Baby Kitty,eating tuna and looking out of windows.I wish he had more time with us. I hope he is happy in Kitty Heaven, with lots of treats to eat and places for him to run and play. We love you Toaster and I'm so glad we found you and that you got to be our kitty. You were a good boy. I hope we see you again someday. Baby Kitty says "Meow".