Sept 19 2012

Walter -

What an unforgettable character you were, Walter - a special little guy with lots of personality. You were a beautiful blue-fronted amazon parrot. At 45 years old, you survived 24 other family pets - giving most of them trouble when you had half a chance. We miss your singing with the vacuum cleaner and the operatic neighbor, your "hellos" to everyone including the telephone, your name recollection, your laugh, and even some of the bad words you picked up.

I grew up with you - enchanting me with your beauty and antics from that day we met - so long ago - to your last weak little "hello". We've lost someone very special - someone who will never be forgotten by anyone who knew him. We miss you everyday we don't hear your little noises. It's so quiet now. You've been my noisy little friend for a long. long time.

Fly free, Wally! XOXOXO jackie

(Special thanks to Dr. Mohiuddin, Sara, and Peaceful Pets who were so kind and compassionate when you needed help.)