Zeus aka “Buh Buhs”

2013 - 2022

Life 4/5/2013 and After 4/23/2022 7:54PM

From being a puppy beating the odds of parvo to living a good 9 years of life, not enough space or time stopped you from having and giving me the unconditional love that me and the family have shown and given you. Everyday was either an adventure or you following me around the house. You were always by my side and never forgot about me even when I left to college for 4 years. Although I will miss you waking me up at 2am for potty breaks, playing hide and go seek around the house, taking trips to the store and Starbucks, washing you clean and feeding you fresh foods, I know you're off to a better place. The signs I was given on the day of your death let me know that your departure was unfortunate but on divine timing. The signs I saw after your passing let me know that you’re still around and it assures me that wherever you are you're ok. Knowing that, I have accepted that you are physically no longer with us (even when it hurts at times). Things such as you walking me to the door and greeting me on my returns along with hikes, walks and other outdoor adventures in which you loved the most is why we have an unbreakable bond and none of it will be the same without you.
You've been a loyal friend and great protector who will forever be engrained in the depths of my heart as well as the rest of the family. We love you so much and we’ll never forget about you.
I Luh you buh buhs!