2006 - 2020

Zoey, our brave, adventurous, and loving dog. Protector, mischief-maker, and cuddle bug. Our “big” dog with a big heart. When you came into our lives, you made up the third and we were a family of three for a very long time- through our different moves, milestones, and adventures in our lives. And then came your little squad several years later when we became a family of four and then five. You were always that constant- you were always there.  We are reminded of you always- so many stories to tell. Zoey, your name means “full of life”- it describes you so well. That’s how you lived life, always jumping in to every experience with your always curious little self. We will miss you dearly, but our hearts will mend knowing that your last days were peaceful. Go on and chase those squirrels and bark at all the little white fluffy dogs and have endless treats over that rainbow bridge. We love you always, Zoey bear. ❤️
4/19/06 - 12/14/20