Turning the tide of loss

My best friend Fritz, a ticked tiger tabby, had an unfortunate turn in health that took him from us in a month's time. 10 years he lived on this Earth, and every moment of that time he devoted to giving love and companionship, my life now has a tremendous vacuum since his passing. I raised him from a kitten that could fall asleep in the palm of my hand he was so small, I couldn't sit or lay down without him being ever present with the cute card he always played. Irresistible, simply overflowing love irresistible, and a darn good snuggler.

He snuggled into me for the last time the day we took him into the vet, head buried into the crook of my arm, uncertain of what was to happen next, but even despite his pain and suffering he remained the loving cat he was always, right to the end when he died in my arms.

The grief was overwhelming as I watched him close his eyes for the last time, but peacefully in the comfort of my arms.

The family opted for private cremation, and when the time came to collect his ashes we were given a gift, in the name of West Coast pet memorial.

I expected his remains to be returned in the urn of our choosing, but such was not the case......

We received the urn with a plethora of keepsakes, paw prints, a plaster of paris paw imprint, and elegant display card with poetry and a short obituary on the back.

We also received information for help and support services 24/7, the urn and the plaster paw print were in nice velvet bags, everything received showed nothing but the greatest care and respect for our kitty.

What the folks at West Coast pet memorial did was to turn the tide on our sorrow, I can now walk by the beautiful memorial created by West Coast and stop to chat with my old friend like I always did, and take comfort from him being there, we always had the greatest conversations.

To the crew of West Coast pet memorial I cannot express the depth of my gratitude, it could not have been done more professionally, thoughtfully, and compassionately. To those who find themselves in a similar situation I hope that you give the final care and disposition of your beloved pet to this fine group of individuals, I did not know such dedication and caring existed in regards to the handling of my departed friend.

Kudos, to one and all......


Our Beloved Woffy

West Coast Pet Memorial Services did an outstanding job.
Numeric Tracking, exceptionally boxed & in a Blue Velvet bag. Paw print, his fur clipping, grieving information, & a certificate with our Woffy's name. Given to us by our Vet in a high end blue gift bag.
Our family was impressed and with a sigh of relief that he is home, more ways than one.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Jim, Sonja, & Justin

Maddy girl

My 24-year-old son was killed in a car accident in 2019, Maddie was his dog she was 10 years old and devastated at losing him. My husband and I took her in and loved her for two years, just got her back today and I’m so impressed with the compassion and caring!!! Thank you for that ❤️


Little One

Thank you for working with macinnes vet. Tiffany cares deeply about tge people & animals she works with. Our cat-Little One was with us 12 years & we had cared for her 2yrs outside behind my work. Such a sweet spirit. She will be missed but I love The Rainbow Bridge story. I know our creator will care for our pets even now. And our cats spirit will be with us. Thank u for your caring work



I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. You went above and beyond when it came to my baby Little Lady. I was not expecting a beautiful wooden box with a name plate you turned a devastating time and made it beautiful in the end. Lady was the best girl she was not a dog she was a little people and I miss her so much however I know that she would be pleased with how things came about. I just want to say thank you. your true love for what you do has shown through with the elegant way you took care of my girl. Thank you so much Jenice Slaughter.

Jenice M Slaughter

I am so thankful

I was very picky about who I decided to bring my rabbit, Buttercup, to be cremated. We found and called several places, but none of them felt…right. We decided to give West Coast Pet Memorial a try, despite its distance from us, because our late dog Molly had been cremated there through her vet and we loved how nicely the process had been. Upon calling West Coast Pet Memorial, I instantly knew that this was where I wanted to take Buttercup. Both the woman I spoke with on the phone and the woman who was there to take Buttercup were so incredibly kind and respectful and made me feel so comfortable with the whole process. It was absolutely heart-shattering to leave my Buttercup, but these women set my mind and heart at ease. I felt so understood with my grief. I elected to order a necklace that could hold a small bit of ashes online from Etsy and they were more than kind and careful enough to transfer some of her ashes into the necklace for me. The rest of her ashes came in a beautiful floral urn, for which I requested her name engraved on the side. While I pray I won’t have to see them again any time soon with my other buns, I know I will have a reliable place to come to when their time comes. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness and help with my Buttercup.


Thank you for caring and your lovely memorial products

We had to put our lovely Yellow Labrador dog named "Diesel" into the hands of our Lord on 8.12.21. I can't thank you enough West Coast Pet Memorial Services for the lovely paw print and the beautiful Cedar Memorial Urn with our precious dogs name so beautifully done on the front. They even delivered to our home. Our precious dog is once again home with us, such a blessing for our family. Again thank you!

Sanderson Family


I had to have my little long-haired Dachshund, Ari, put down on 11/10/2020. I knew the day was coming soon. He would have been 15 years old in one more month. Although he had a very long and happy life, it still was so very difficult and heartbreaking to let him go. My veterinarian utilizes West Coast Pet Memorial Services, and that made it easier for me to make the cremation arrangements. I was incredibly thankful for the way West Coast handled everything. They were so very respectful and compassionate, and they did such a beautiful job. Many thanks to all of the loving people who were involved in the final handling of my little one.


Excellent Care and respect for our furry family member

Our 226 pound English Mastiff named Duke passed away monday Sept 21, 2020 at 0130am in Bakersfield California. He was picked up at the vet and transported down to Hemet 3.5 hours away. I spoke multiple times with West Coast Memorial while he was there waiting for his services. They were so very helpful, compassionate and professional. I received Duke back today Friday Sept 25, 2020. His remains were beautifully returned and our family could not be happier with how the process turned out.

Thank You so much,
Lloyd Family